How the Bachelor and graduating are basically the same thing

A little repost from what will soon be coming from muah on my school of public health’s blog… Also, it’s much more humorous than my current state of mind!

At the risk of confirming many a basic girl stereotype (I’m also in a sorority… double points?), I’m going to explain why there is evidence pointing towards the fact that The Bachelor, a reality TV show giant that is now in it’s 20th season, is basically the same thing as the time leading up to and following your graduation from college. Hear me out: ten things college seniors may or may not have in common with one infamous ABC series.

  1. First of all, you might go into either of these situations thinking “ah, this will be a good time! I’ve come so far! What do I have to lose??”

this is the best

2. Answer: Your dignity and any chances of getting a job if you show up to class like this on a regular basis.


3. The longer you are here, the more you realize you’ll soon be competing against the people around you. Whether that ends up being a job or “true” love on a reality TV show (enforcing gender norms and the idea that everything can be solved by being in a relationship), will be something only the future can tell.

No pressure.

4. Every season, regardless of whether it’s the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, Chris Harrison (the show’s endearing host and wisdom-giver) promises the following…

And as you quickly realize, you probably *have* seen something like this before. In much the same way, while your last year of college sometimes feels like you are the only one who has ever experienced x, y, AND z, odds are, someone else has been in your position too, and that’s a good thing.

5. We all know that one classmate/contestant who makes leaving a little more bearable. Props to you.

6. When in the presence of your friends, just moseying around your gorgeous campus, or thinking about being outside of the college bubble:

7. Senior year is a time to do things that you may have never done, and possibly will never do again. Sometimes you will regret these things.

8. Other times it will be completely worth it. Exhibit A, Stellenbosch Mountain in South Africa, one of the countries the show has traveled to. No regrets if I ended up seeing this view.

9. Everyone’s most dreaded moment:

*all together now* NO NO WE WON’T GO!

10. Whatever journey you’ve had, whether you were the first one back in the limo, or you’re walking across that stage in cap and gown, take some advice from dear Kelsey here and embrace whatever the past three/four/six/18 years has given you. Chances are, your story actually is amazing and not a satirical/narcissistic quote from a reality TV show contestant.

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