From blogspot: It’s a start

In the spirit of the season, one thing I’m grateful for is a handful of unpublished blogs from when I was writing over at blogspot five-ish years ago. Apparently my browser of six years ago didn’t have spellcheck, and I didn’t have time for a copy/past over to Word. There’s also the sprinkling of smileys, and a more open candidness in 18 year old me that I won’t go into juxtaposing with present day right now.

While easy to assume life was fine and dandy at this particular point, I was taking 3 or 4 AP classes that year on top of applying to colleges, working (to save up for a spring break trip and in general), finishing up cross country season, being an exec member of a spring fundraiser for a children’s hospital – oh and I still had that undiagnosed sleep disorder helping me catch up on sleep during most of my classes. I was caught up in the Who Can Be the Most Stressed/Busiest Game (and proud of it!) and frayed-out accordingly. So why include it? By including what I just wrote above, it gives a more complete picture of where I was and what was going on at the time.

November 6, 2011

I admit that I was having trouble waiting two days to write something else. I need to have a balance though. Little ocd like that.

My first step towards becoming an eventer involed actually being around horses. This seems like a fairly important factor. I’d been looking for a job at a stable for a while, but I was having trouble finding anything within a ten mile radius. I finally found one and inquired to the owner through email. Timing just was not on my side though and after a small series of emails back and forth, the spot eneded up being filled (not by me by the way). The mother started threatening about getting a real job at the golden arches or subway, but I told her to wait on me just a little longer.

This whole ordeal lasted from about January to May. I didn’t step foot on any property containing a horse that entire time, and I started to feel like I was going through withdrawels.

I’d like to take this moment to thank a nice older lady at my church. She doesn’t know that she was the catalyst, but she was.

She happened to mention to my mother’s boyfriend that another older lady at my little country church – who owns a western boarding stable across the street – had a pony for sale and that I should check it out. As soon as I heard this, I admit I wasn’t thinking about the pony… (I can’t afford my own gas let alone a pony!) but it did make me think, why couldn’t I ask if they needed some extra help? So, one day in June, I called and asked if I could come out and see the pony…

Pony was, admittedly, adorable.


This was pretty much the only time I could get a picture because the rest of the time he was sniffing around and wanting attention and being adorable :)

Pony was also, admittedly, unbroke. Ehh. I knew I couldn’t have him, but that was the first time I had had horsey contact in some six months. The sweet horsey smell, the little whuffles as they sniff your palms for treats, and the way their sleek summer coats shine in the summer sun was too much. I was hooked, again.

It turned out the barn didn’t need any help, which was disappointing. I started going through my head ways I could get my fix, and it popped into my head a stable which I had ridden at for about four months a while ago. (I had only stopped because of.. yep, funds)

As I’m driving from the barn, I said what the heck, and pulled into a Meijer parking lot to call the instructor/owner and leave a message asking if by chance she needed barn help, just give me a call. I then went home and enjoyed some quality teenage girl time with two of my best friends laying out on my trampoline. — As a side note, talking about laying out in the lazy June sun really makes me want summer back. —

We got on the topic of jobs, and how poor we all were, and how the two of us who were unemployed really needed a job. I mentioned my adventure that day and how I’d left a message for this stable and was hoping to hear back within the next week.

Lo and behold, my phone starts ringing and who else is calling me but the sweet owner/instructor!

“Oh my gosh guys, you won’t believe who is calling me!”


“The lady from the barn! She’s already calling me back about the job!”

“Well answer it!” (by this point I’m jumping up and off the trampoline and sprinting inside in case I need to write anything down)

I got the job, which is how my eventing wannabe-ness started again. :]

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