A… clinic??

no, not a treat Ruby

Quick note on Ruby: she’s furbaby niece and also my best friend’s Airedale who just turned one last week and will likely be seen regularly because she’s a ham and definitely has learned what a camera is.

Back to the title!

I might be pushing my luck a bit here. My instructor texted me earlier this week about a dressage clinic at our barn on the 24th. I vaguely remembered maybe getting an email from her mom (who leads the local pony club) about this and upon checking my inbox, found the old one and an update that there were only two spots left.

For my (admittedly low stress) job I always work Saturdays… as it seems clinics are always on Saturdays, I haven’t participated in one since last summer, when a different instructor amazingly came on Sunday. While I don’t go in to work until 11 and theoretically that should give me plenty of time to do something, like ride, before, I’m a smidge (read: entirely) conservative on pre-work activities. Even though my shifts are only 5 or 6 hours, I’ve rarely scheduled things on work days unless it’s a local doctor appointment, brunch or taking a shower (sad, I know). Typically always on the docket for is a 25ish minute nap (except on Mondays now as I open…). Exercising (including horse time), outings, or anything within an hour-ish driving are typically kept for off days. Whenever I have an appointment with my neurologist, who’s two hours away (because the local one, I unfortunately discovered, is a total a$$), I plan to spend the night with a friend or my sister and get the next day off work because while I *can* do the driving, I need some recovery from it.

Anddd now I’m planning on riding in a 45 minute slot at 9 o’clock and getting to work by 11:50. Like, what could go wrong with that, right?

Lately though, I’m thinking that I might be capable of doing a bit more activity-wise. And if I’m not, good old body will let me know and I’m now to the point where I (usually) listen. I should be fine for this, as long as I do some extra planning this week and the night before to take care of myself. Oh and also continue to not get sick from all the customers casually mentioning they’re “getting over the flu” as they hack on the money they’re handing over to me whilst I check them out, ya know, after I helped them find “that one bottle of — I don’t remember what it is or the brand.” *facepalm*

But for now, we are a go for this weekend, I am very much excited, and I will hopefully get at least one ride in prior to that so I don’t show up as a sack of potatoes on Saturday.


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