Almost like vacation!

Find someone who looks at you the same way Charlie does an orange ball

So I had from last Tuesday until Sunday off from work, and I actually got to do something FUN with it! While I did recently have a shit ton of time off, that was all dedicated to surgery recovery, and when I had three days off for my best friends wedding, day 3 was – also – fully dedicated to rest.

Anywho, sister dearest and I went down to my aunt and uncle’s in (waaay) southern Indiana from Tuesday morning to Thursday morning.

More context: We grew up with this aunt and uncle (and one of their ever-present German Shepherds) being less than a 10 minute drive from home. Summers meant cooling down at their pool surrounded by my aunts plants and eating chips and salsa on the shaded deck, and year round we’d be spending the night just because or for short trips to visit other family. Back when we were a family of four, we didn’t really ever take vacations, but what we did have was a one week trip to Dale Hollow Lake on the border of Kentucky/Tennessee, where this aunt and uncle had a houseboat from the late ’80s until around the year I started college. Basically, they’re a home away from home. They moved down south to be closer to their two grandsons around 4 years ago, where they fixed up this neglected foreclosure on about 10 acres of land. While we’d been visiting them fairly regularly, we realized that we hadn’t been down since I started my current job last June.

Doggo is fine! 5 seconds before this picture my uncle goes “watch what she does when I tell her it’s time to go back inside”

Discovering the store was finally going to be closed this year for the 4th, our plans were set so I could be back in time for my LAST SURGERY (!!!) Friday, and upon arrival we were welcomed by 90-however-many-degrees and a cozy 100+ heat index.

Even tho it’s like unbearably hot, are we REALLY REALLY sure we have to go inside? – Charlie I assume

We had some delicious sushi for dinner at the place our aunt has been meaning to take us to for basically two years now, then stopped and got supplies for the next day’s sangria and shrimp / corn boil. After that was when I stayed out and played/melted with my uncle and Charlie, their two year old German Shepherd, until all were forced indoors and we broke out The Indiana card game, Euchre. For the record, my uncle and I were up 2 games, but aunt and my sister were lucky enough to take the final one and not be total losers for the night.

The morning of the 4th we got to take a ride in my uncle’s newest toy, this Honda off-roading type vehicle. He drove us to the lodge that we stayed at for our cousin’s (their son) wedding reception. It was crazy to think that it’s been 14 years since we were there (and just for one night), yet my sister and I still remembered the long winding drive, the glass-faced main lodge where the reception was held, and the parking lot us and two other young cousins ate McDonalds in with our parents because the reception meal had only been appetizers.

No horses here sadly

Downside to the Honda vehicle: the motor is in tucked up in the back, as in below the back seats/passenger front. So my aunt, sister and I basically had a heater at our feet – not so necessary when it’s 85 by 10 a.m. – and a lovely breeze up top that… sorta mitigated the hot air.

Whoever says Indiana has no hills has not been to southern Indiana

Later that day (after a shower, shopping and then a much needed nap for me) our cousin came over with his wife and our two little cousins who are 4 and 7. After a dinner of corn on the cob, potatoes, sausage and some shrimp who unfortunately got a bit too boiled (it was fine, the other stuff was delicious!) the boys got to set off some of the fireworks aunt/sister/I had picked up earlier. Having never been in a fireworks establishment prior, all I could think about was the massive fire hazard with everyone bustling about, and how many places like this are open around the 4th 😳. But anyway….

Obligatory blurry-ish firework picture featuring the hand of a stranger

Even though we were barely moving (except the boys who were amazingly running about), everyone was basically disgusting just after 20 minutes or so outside. The cousins went home not much later, and our motivation to go to any fireworks at that point was minimal. Luckily our aunt convinced all of us we should go to the fancy golf course our uncle is a handy man at, and thankfully the temperature was pretty bearable by the time it was dark.

Much better picture of fireworks over the golf course

Because we had had corn for dinner the night before, that meant my aunt and I got our favorite breakfast Thursday morning: corn pancakes. I don’t like chocolate chips in my pancakes, but throw some savory corn into the batter and I’m sold.

Corn. pancakes. <3

I managed to drive the full 2 and a half hours back, the longest since my surgery, and didn’t feel totally wiped so I was definitely pleased by that as well! The remainder of Thursday I just unpacked and rested up, and then Friday morning kept myself busy since my surgery was a bit later and I couldn’t eat after midnight.

Doctors initials and IV bandage after, because there weren’t really any other good photo ops Friday

The last surgery was basically just to take out the stent that had been placed during my pyeloplasty in May, but my doctor also ran a scope/scans to make sure my kidney was draining normally and nothing was catching. I came out fine again, but I feel like maybe I got different anesthesia compared to my other surgeries because I was still feeling rather drugged Saturday afternoon and hadn’t had that before. I was fine by Sunday though, and regardless, I should be DONE with the surgeries now!! Just a few more follow-up type visits, which I have no problem with!

So, not my typical post at all. But as I said, trips don’t happen often and doing anything with my aunt and uncle is always a highlight. The narcolepsy program I’ve been mentioning has been going well and I’ve met a number of really awesome people already. I also am waiting to hear back from my instructor on when I can have a lesson – my doctor said I just had to wait until Sunday, so I’m all kinds of ready whenever I get a day and time set up!

5 thoughts on “Almost like vacation!

  1. Great post–and great pics. Glad your surgery went well! And that you got some time away with family. That part of Indiana looks beautiful. As a kid we would visit my aunt and uncle, who lived in French Lick, famous for being the birthplace of Larry Bird. I understand about the “flat” comment. People always assume Ohio’s flat, too, but where I grew up in Northeastern Ohio, it was hilly. Looking forward to more good post-surgery news!

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