Now that September is over…

Seems like as good a time as any to catch up! Basically the month was a bit of a roller coaster, partly due to my own choices, others beyond my control. There were times I’d feel like writing and couldn’t (or I gave up after enough interruptions) and then times that I could and didn’t feel like it. It is what it is.

There were several highlights from September that I wanted to have record of beyond the twisty parts, and then maybe I’ll get a move on to this month!


You’ve probably heard or seen of the chunky arm-knit blankets that have been a fad on pinterest in the past few years. What I learned the first time I tried making one of these is that my tiny limbs aren’t really long enough to hold all the rows and also I get way too hot/impatient trying to do it all in one sitting. In spite of upgrading to some giant ass knitting needles, my first two blankets ended up narrow, small, and a little wonky (bless the two people who still told me they loved them). Still, I wanted to make a decent belated birthday present for a friend, so picture above is the start of my third blanket pretty early in the month.

Completely unrelated to blankets, I ended up crying at a yoga class. Context being I tried out this local yoga studio and attended several classes over the course of two weeks thanks to a new student special they offer. It wasn’t anything crazy (the tears, or the class) – there were people of all levels, and the class was slow, deliberate and focused on listening/seeing where you were at. I think the tears at the end were because I was recognizing the change in how I treat/work with my body now compared to several different before’s: before my string of surgeries this year, before the CBT work in therapy and before my narcolepsy diagnosis going back to almost middle school. I know I would never have allowed myself to do that (regardless of someone seeing or not) a year ago, so odd as it is, I think it was a good thing.

I took more walks this month:

Foggy morning walk on 9/11
Love all the trees in my neighborhood <3
Colors changing already on the 21st

I also had two really decent lessons! Unfortunately the video evidence is rather cringe-worthy, so all I have is this unflattering picture of Rango. He patiently carted my butt around, over cavaletti and baby jump grids and we also worked on strengthening exercises. He’s gaited, and his first instinct when going from walk to trot, especially on turns, is to get a few strides of shuffly trantering in. We worked on transitions on a circle and then added ground poles to the mix, and while at first it was more like just smashing all the sticks, he remain unfazed and got his legs coordinated shortly after. Definitely a good boy.


I DID end up finishing the blanket! And friend loves it :)

lighting is all kinds of wonky, but blanket is actually light pink
So fluffy!

The last Friday of the month I went with one of my best friends and her Airedale, Ruby, to a state park a couple hours away for the day. The three of us had gone last year, so I was definitely excited to go again.


Almost didn’t happen, as dear sister had gotten strep again and naturally a bunch of customers at the store that week informed me they were also sick with various things. I was feeling a little off, so got some echinacea tea, ate some extra clementines, drank all the water, took longer naps and thankfully felt like I could hike long enough to make the trip worthwhile.


One change was that last year I was so busy taking in everything I took only a couple pictures, but then I had wished there was more to look back on in the dead of Indiana winter. Didn’t make that mistake again, and still had plenty of time to enjoy just being outside and all of Ruby’s shenanigans.





Both friend and I agreed we felt more out of shape this year than we did last year, which, wow, is sad, but yay for not going too hard? Ruby, on the other hand, had significantly more energy as a 1 and a half year old puppy vs. a six month old one.

May or may not have been when she snapped her leash…

September ended on a high note for sure, but there was also a lot to look forward to this month. Hoping to make a game plan that has me sharing more about that sooner rather than later, like, before November ideally!

6 thoughts on “Now that September is over…

  1. love all the photos and i wish i had that blanket right now it is chilly here in TN this am. LOL :) Glad you are keeping on doing things and also didn’t get sick :) Tis the season! HA


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