1. AutuWin views

Two months ago I said I want to notice where I have already or am currently ‘Recreating REMs‘.

And I thought of my bed.

February 16, 2017. All pictures in post are from same vantage point: looking outside a window in a suburban neighborhood. There are ranch style houses across the street. There’s a large silver maple tree in the front yard, a white double mailbox and blue trashcan at the end of the driveway, a taller skinny tree in the yard directly across the street. In this picture it’s winter and there are leafless trees and conifer trees farther away. The sun is rising on the left side of the picture and the sky is a mix of orange, pink and blue

How it and I have been in the same place for several years, and from mid fall to winter’s end I’ve loved that most mornings I can watch the sun rise.

Christmas Day 2017. In this picture there is snow covering the ground, on the bush half visible at the far left of the picture, and on the roofs of houses across the street. The garage lights of 3 houses and a christmas tree light decoration actoss the street are softly glowing orange. The sky is the same color just above the house farthest left, fades to white and then deepens blue near the top and right of picture, but is dotted with a handful of grey clouds throughout.

At some point I started taking pictures and notice,

how our older neighbor replaced our shared falling-apart white mailboxes with ones that he said looked black in-store, but turned out to be this pretty brass/grey

November 4, 2018. The angle is slightly different and you can only see the full leafy branches of the silver maple. The mailbox now appears black but reflects grey on top. There are leaves sprinkled in the yard, the tree across the street has almost no leaves. The sky is a patchwork of clouds with blue peeking througb, until near the far left where yellow sunlight shines through.

I appreciate the trees responding and releasing to change

November 9, 2018. The trunk of the silver maple is again visible. The yard is completely covered in mostly orange and yellow leaves. It is overcast and the sky appears a solid pale grey.

and the skies.

January 6, 2019. The silver maple has no leaves. There is a haze to the picture and it appears foggy in the distance. The sky is a soft pink except for a large oval of blue to the far left.

always changing – sometimes slow with morning inching up trees one branch at a time

March 7, 2019. The trees are leafless, there is a light coating of snow on the ground and house lights glowing yellow down the street. The sky is a deep salmon color just above the house with the lights and trees farther off. Toward the right the sky appears more pale purple, and toward the top turns blue, with wispy pink clouds scattered intermittently.

other times a pastel river, my eyes following along shifting currents of light, cloud and air

November 10, 2019

The moments are comforting, and so are the pictures of the moments

Adding another layer, allowing me to revisit these simple moments and understand them again or differently.

December 16, 2019. There are several inches of snow covering the ground and visible on the tree branches. A red SUV barely visible to the left and vehicles at other houses are also covered in snow. The sky is almost the color of snow.

How many layers are there in a moment? There are ones we’re aware of |inside the moment| and others discovered | | outside, beyond.

I picked up the dates of my pictures here and laid down with old journals wondering what layers might be waiting

December 21, 2019. Snow still covers the ground, the camera is shifted more upward and bare branches fan outward across top of picture. The sky has clouds throughout with sunlight reflecting off of them.

How many layers do we need to know? Why go looking for more, and when does the looking overshadow the moment – bury and freeze us from moving at all?

February 14, 2020. More snow. The sky is bright yellow just above the tree line and roofs toward the right, and there’s a clear line where the sky turns into a subdued purples, pinks, and blues

In this case the entries I found, some from exact dates and others in the days surrounding them, helped remind me

April 2, 2020. There’s grass! Sunlight cuts through a light fog and lights different sections of neighbors roofs. Buds are visible on the silver maple branches.

I’ve changed. Am changing even now,

With the same tree, the same view

November 14, 2020. The ground is covered in leaves and frost, there are still a few leaves on the tree near the top of the picture. The sky is bright orange where the sun is rising above a house down the street, but elsewhere is mostly pale grey.

A paradox I’m identifying with more and more every season.

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