7 thoughts on “Drawings

      1. howdy there Elizabeth –
        I’ve lost your email contact.
        I want to promote you and your web-site at rec therapy today.
        email me with your new projects that you’d like shared.


    1. Thank you! It was for a high school drawing class (a few others here were as well). I thought it’d be interesting to try someone older instead of a younger celebrity/musician. After searching on flickr for what seemed like ages I came across this man’s photo; as I remember it there was no story with it, but more pictures of people of all ages in the same area just going about their lives (some with descriptions, others not). To me, it seemed the photographer was seeking them out and that translated to an authenticity I feel is sometimes missing when the roles are reversed. Regardless, his eyes and face implied a story even if one wasn’t written then and if I’ve inadvertently made up the context surrounding him!


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