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Consistent Riding

Instead of complaining about how I don’t have pictures or videos from my last lesson, I’m just appreciating how happy riding on a regular basis makes me.

It was the coldest lesson M and I have had so far this fall, but at least it wasn’t raining like the day before.  We went mudding jumping outside with M on Eli, her new love after all of two rides, and I was back on Divine for the first time since September. What I noticed was how much more attentive she was; when I first started on her in June there was much wiggling, lots of curling-into-a-ball-but-also-bracing-on-your-hands, and for extra fun, exuberant zoomies when she was feeling herself or alternatively, displeased/complaining about what was being asked.

None of that on Tuesday! Towards the end of the lesson we got to create our own course and I decided we needed redemption after a failed tight turn from earlier (my error, not hers). I think to both red-mare and I’s surprise, she nearly did a roll-back, which resulted in me completely forgetting the last jump I had in mind until after we had passed it.

Besides that, our entire lesson felt great and was a good confidence builder in preparation for the Halloween fun show on Sunday (more on that shortly).  As a bonus, once we were done with our lesson, trainer MS was gracious enough to offer me a ride on her 12.2hh Welsh gelding named River that she recently brought out to the stable from her parents farm. He’s fluffy, out of shape, and occasionally pops a back leg when he disagrees with his rider. That said, he did not feel 12.2 in the least – he’s quick and has a surprisingly large stride for a little fellow.

The jump class I’m planning on entering Sunday only goes up to 2’3″, but considering I’ve never competed over fences, I think that’s plenty to get my feet wet. Since the classes are so cheap, I’m also planning on doing an equitation class (throw back to college!) and a dressage class (never competed in this either) so we’ll see how this goes!

All of this is dependent on the weather… Today, when I went out to help clean up for the trick or treat/haunted woods event that’s going on tomorrow evening, the temperature was hovering just below 40. An hour in to de-cobwebbing stalls and there was both a steady rain and steady temp drop. As long as there’s no snow or freezing rain, I’ll hopefully keep the complaining to a minimum.

I’ve not written anything here in almost two months, and nothing devoted to riding in a whole lot longer. But here I am showing this weekend and I haven’t done that since 2015 so a little blog post ain’t no thang.