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On goals and narcolepsy

This will be short, I think. Originally, I was all gun-ho about this timeline I had in mind. Both for my life and this lil’ blog.

Go to college, ride for equestrian team, have sparkling GPA, get an undergrad degree, go to grad school, get a job, travel the world, make monies, buy a pony, buy a farm, etc. etc.

Start blog about horses. Write once a week, if not more frequently. Grow audience. Become competitive rider (says the blog I made in high school) and write about equestrian conquests with fabulous steeds. Make blog fancy with many followers as I advance my prowess.

Except per usual, plans and ideas go to hell in a hand basket and are definitely not what you thought they’d be. You’ve got to decide if this turn of events is something you’re going to beat yourself up over (NOT ACCOMPLISHING GOALS ON TIME OMG OMG OMG THIS IS NOT WHAT I PLANNED AHDGKHALKEHG) or if it’s something that will go more along the lines of “well… this is different. Definitely not what I was expecting… but okaaaay I’ma roll with it”

And so I roll.

I was not expecting to be rolling with narcolepsy four years ago, but there you have it. I haven’t spoken to anyone outside of friends and family about it (mostly because I have to explain what the hell is happening to those concerned), but seeing as I thought it’d be a great idea to do a show-and-tell presentation in one of my classes later this week, two weeks before finals, it looks like more people are going to be knowing about it anyways. It’s not that I’m hiding it, but truthfully I hate feeling weak and like I’m complicating things; naturally, narcolepsy is absolutely fantastic at accomplishing both of those. Sigh.

Although currently this blog is anonymous, so is it really like telling anyone if you happen to stumble upon this?

Anyways, this lil’ diagnosis has turned out to be a way bigger part of my life than I originally anticipated and so I adapt. I’m not planning on going to grad school for the time being (focusing on the more immediate task of seeing how my attempts at working a 40-hour week go first el oh el) and I’m neither on my school’s equestrian team nor taking lessons (another story entirely).

And I was going to write a horse blog three times a week. More chuckles.

So I decided writing once a month was more attainable. In true-to-form fashion, I’m writing this on the very last day of the month (goal still accomplished bitches – eh – me). I decided that horses could not be the only thing I write about, so I included my future career in recreation therapy to the mix. That wasn’t cutting it either, and I couldn’t come up with a new, witty, blog title encompassing recreation therapy (mouthful) and horses without losing the meaning, so I am begrudgingly accepting the attention whore that is narcolepsy.

Thus, rec (recreation therapy yay), sleep (narcolepsy…), ride (horses yay).

Writings, ramblings, and just keeping the mental gears moving with some eloquent exercise.